Optimizing transport solutions


About us

OTTO Trailer started its activity on the Romanian market, in 2007, having as provider of semi-trailers, trailers and superstructures for medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

Our goal is to find and provide you, together with the producers we represent, the optimal transport solutions to carry out your activity in the most efficient conditions.

For this reason, OTTO Trailer is proposing transport options specially configured based on the particularities of the markets in which we are present, Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova or according to the individual needs of each customer.

OTTO Trailer offers vehicles specific to several fields of activity, such as: transport of general goods, transport of bulk goods (cereals, waste, construction materials), transport of equipment and machineries, transport of food or petrochemicals liquids, timber transport, livestock transport, agricultural trailers, powder transport, etc.

OTTO Trailer, ensures the guidance towards the correct acquisition of the vehicles necessary for the good development of the transport and handling activities. In order to achieve our goal, we collaborate with vehicle manufacturers with a high level of quality and willing to build vehicles specific to the particular needs of the markets in which we are present.

Our collaborators include: MEGA (Poland), TMT International (Italy), CHEREAU (France), HUMBAUR (Germany), NURSAN (Turkey), DEMARKO (Poland), PLAVAC (Poland), ROMEX (Poland), CYNKOMET (Poland) and MEPROZET (Poland).

We provide you with our knowledge in the transport business, in order to carry out your activity in conditions of maximum productivity, by choosing the optimal vehicles to achieve this goal, as well as after-sales services of the high-level quality.


With great esteem,

The OTTO Trailer team