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ROMEX - cisterne alimentare


Cisterne alimentare, nepresurizate

Description: ROMEX chemical tank semitrailers are design and manufactured to fulfil any customer demand. Being all the time in line with the newest manufacturing technologies, safety regulations and innovation, Romex tankers design is focused on robustness and light wieght.


Chassis: self-supporting type made of stainless steel or full length made of carbon steel, 3 x SAF Intradisc axles, disc brakes, premium air suspension, first axle lifting.


Tank: made of stainless steel, insulated and pressurised ADR tank, LGBF or L4BH configuration,  from 30.000 lt up to 34.000 lt, single compartment up to 5 compartments,  prepared for heating system, external surface made of mirror polished stainless steel, operating platform with access ladder, air line, etc.


Others: discharging line closed at the back in stainless steel protection box, hose tubes, spare wheel + carrier, water tank with soap compartment, tool box,  etc.

  • ROMEX - cisterne alimentare
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