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Half-pipe tipping semitrailer, steel body, oscillating door

MEGA Fort3 is a half-pipe tipping semitrailer, designed to fulfill all the tasks in construction sites. The chassis design of MEGA Fort 3 and the STRENX steel used in its construction, results into light weight, flexibility, durability and lowered center of gravity. With specially designed side walls and by using Hardox HB450 steel, the strength of MEGA Fort 3 body is ready to be tested. OTTO Trailer, as official representative in Romania, Bulgaria and Rep. Moldova of the Polish manufacturer MEGA - member of the BENALU group, offers a wide range of vehicles, advice in choosing the optimal solution and dedicated after-sales services.

Type: Tipping semitrailer, half-pipe steel body / steel chassis, osccilating rear door

Goods transported: stone, asphalt and other hard bulk materials 

Availavle models:

MODELVolume (cbm)Internal length (floor / upper frame) (mm)Body internal width (mm)Body internal height (mm)Total length / height (mm)
25SBRKZ-7.5257.505 / 7.8112.3031.5449.122 / 2.954
28SBRKZ-8.3288.365 / 8.6712.3031.5449.982 / 2.954

Chassis: made of quality tensile steel - STRENX 700, optimized for low center of gravity; chassis construction for coupling tractor with 2 or 3 axles.

Axles: 3 x SAF Intradisc CD, low maintenance, disc brakes (drums as option), premium KNORR iLvl pneumatic suspension, first axle automatic lifting (additional control from tractor's braking pedal), BLS sensor, standard tires dimension 385/65R22,5 regional or ON/OFF profile.

Tipping: by front lifting, Hyva tipping cylinder, minimum pressure 190 bars (includes hose to connect the hydraulic kit). 

Electrical system: premium 24V Aspök, double electrical connection with the tractor (2x7 pins and 1x15 pins).

Lighting system: 2 x Europoint III (partial LED) multi-chamber units, LED marking lights, additional reverse LED light (Full LED pack as option).

Body: made of HARDOX HB450 steel, with specially profiled side walls to increase body strength; front body frame extension to protect the tipping cylinder; prepared for assembling roll-on cover operated from ground level (manual, hydraulic or electrical); noise dumpers between body and chassis; Hyfix locking system.

Rear door: single flap door, automatic oscillating opening; removable asphalt chute.

Tarpaulin: density 680 g/sqm, aluminum side rolling bar, tensioning straps on the side wall.

Working platform: In front, screwed on the front wall, made of steel, hot-deep galvanized, safety chain.

Standard equipment: PVC toolbox, water tank with soap compartment, spare wheel and carrier (not available for 25SBRKZ-7.5), wheel chocks, bar for operating tarpaulin belts, etc.

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