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ROMEX - Milk collecting small and medium range


small and medium range milk collecting tankers

ROMEX milk collecting tank upperstructures, for light and medium range chassis, are well-known for its light weight design.

Goods transported: milk and other food liquids

Volume: from 2.000 lt up to 11.000 lt, divided into 2 or 3 compartments

Chassis suitable: light range (GVW from 3,5 to. up to 7,5 to.) and medium range (from 8 to. GVW up to 18 to. GVW)

Additional frame: made of high quality steel, with 2 longitudinal beams and and cross-beams, hot-deep galvanised

Tank: body made of stainless steel AISI 304 (food quality), 3 mm walls thickness, side working platform

Thermal insulation: 50 mm styrofoam

Cladding: stainless steel AISI 304, mirror polished, 1 mm thickness, tighten with omega stainless steel rings

Compartment equipment: DN450 manhole, stainless steel cover lid, food-quality rubber seals, pressure release valves, single DN65 discharging line closed in the equipment box.

Cleaning: cleaning spheres to each compartment, with complete stainless steel line to be connected to CIP unit.

Equipment box: made of stainless steel, with side opening stainless steel door or aluminium shutter type, working light, placed behind the cabin for light range trucks or behind the tank for medium range trucks, heating system from truck's  cooling system.

Collecting system: Self-priming pump Jabsco RX-24 with rubber impeller, equipped with Kracht hydraulic drive, 20.000 - 24.000 lt/h flow rate;  Data registration system ProcessData PD681 - metering, temperature, date/time, etc., with EU/MID certificate, remote control;  suction nozzle and 6-8 m collecting hose (DN50) food quality; air separator unit; thermo-printer; milk strainer; sight glass; non-return valve; manual single sampling unit (0,45 ml plastic bottles)

Options: Refrigerator box to store sampling bottles; GPRS data transmitting unit or USB storage, etc.



  • ROMEX - Milk collecting small and medium range
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