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NURSAN TRAILER - Aluminium dry bulk silos

Code: NURSAN TRAILER - Semiremorci siloz aluminiu

Aluminium dry bulk silos

Description: silo semitrailers, made of aluminium, designed to powder goods transport (food or non-food).

Axles: 3 pcs. with pneumatic braking system (disc or drum), pneumatic suspension, first axle lifting.

Tank: pressurised, made of aluminium, 30 cbm up to 60 cbm capacity, with 2 up to 4 upper loading hatches, 2 up to 4 cones, clear tank or with individual compartments, unloading pipe at the rear of the tank or on the sides, air line to be connected to truck compressor or diesel compressor assembled on the semitrailer, safety valves, air injectors on discharging cones, upper working platform with hand rail and access ladder, etc.

Other equipment: hoses storage tubes, tool box, water tank with soap compartment, spare wheel with support, etc.

  • NURSAN TRAILER - Aluminium dry bulk silos
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