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Refrigerated, double-deck

As the first European company to specialise entirely in the design and manufacture of refrigerated bodies for heavy goods vehicles - for more than 66 years - and recognised throughout the industry for the high quality, longevity and first-rate performances of its products, CHEREAU is esteemed thanks to a policy of continuous innovation and its tailor-made, sustainable vehicles - for the benefit of the most exacting carriers.

At the time of "collection", a refrigerated semi-trailer must be sufficiently versatile to adapt to various loading constraints (presence of a dock or not) and various goods (different transport temperatures). As the quantities advised are not always the quantities actually requiring collection, the semi-trailer must also facilitate the management of excess loads, otherwise an additional vehicle will need to be called in. The incorporation of an on-board computer enabling vehicles to be located is also essential.





Refrigerated semi-trailers are specific in that their permissible overall width is 2,600 mm. As a specialist bodywork manufacturer, CHEREAU has developed a specific chassis which is wider than a traditional chassis and guarantees exemplary road holding whatever the nature of the goods carried. As with all CHEREAU products, the chassis guarantees quality and adaptability to the customer's specific needs. There is also a wide choice of axles, braking systems and rears. A recessed version of the chassis offers the benefit of 50 mm additional usable height.



Rear lights are frequently damaged during manoeuvres and backing up to docks, and this poses a real road safety problem. Given the frequency of this problem, CHEREAU has developed Flex-C LED, an extremely robust patented rear light system, which retracts when it comes into contact with an obstacle. It is equipped with LED technology, whose usable life is significantly longer than that of traditional bulbs.



CHEREAU's reservoir is specially designed to sit behind the leg stands on a semi-trailer chassis and allows a pallet carrier to be fitted. It has a capacity of 250 litres and lasts for more than 80 hours, which is sufficient for long distance operations. 

This unique reservoir has a filling opening on each side, protected by a lockable cap, and a standard anti-siphoning device. The direct reading gauge located on its left side (right side, as an option) is also compatible with the electric fuel level measuring devices for refrigeration units.



The Bumper-C, patented by CHEREAU, is the "ultimate weapon" for protecting the rear of your vehicle when backing up to docks. With an innovative design, it absorbs the energy of an impact and acts as a shock absorber. The Bumper-C allows lifting and lowering manoeuvres to be carried out by the vehicle at a dock without any risk of shearing or distortion. The Bumper-C is acclaimed by carriers, who manage considerable savings on maintenance and repairs to the rear frames of their vehicles. It is fitted on more than 90% of CHEREAU's chassis.



The RearDetect-C reversing radar is the perfect solution for backing up to docks in complete safety. This system detects obstacles, provides an audible warning during a manoeuvre and automatically stops the vehicle. Thanks to its 3 sensors, the radar detects an obstacle within 3 metres of the rear of the vehicle. When the obstacle is located at a specific distance (preset between 30 and 100 cm), the system automatically applies the vehicle's brakes until it comes to a standstill, without any action on the part of the driver.



A refrigerated body must be both powerful and robust. CHEREAU bodies benefit from a design that combines excellent insulation with specific assemblies, offering the highest performance level on the market and strength that has become the industry benchmark.

For long distance transport, CHEREAU produces bodies with super-insulated thick side walls with an internal width of 2,470 mm, the internal height of which is maximised thanks to the chassis underride, which enables them to remain within the overall height limit of four metres.



This ventilation duct system, developed by CHEREAU, enables the same temperature to be maintained, to the nearest degree, throughout the entire body. It is particularly useful for very sensitive foodstuffs. Beyond the qualitative aspect, AirEfficient-C enables better use to be made of the refrigeration unit and helps to significantly reduce the refrigeration unit's fuel consumption, its usage time and, consequently, its maintenance.



For groupage/break-bulk, the equipment's versatility is a definite plus. The ATP sets temperatures for each food group (+6° C for meat, +6° C for dairy products, -18°C for frozen foods, -20° C for ice-cream, etc.), so adapting to multi-temperature transport is becoming a necessity, which translates into the partitioning of loads in semi-trailers. The Easy-C partition is easy to handle and has a safety system that prevents it from moving at all, even when it is not attached to the roof.


The ATD II System is particularly suited to transporting 800x120 pallets at a single temperature and enables the load level to be maximised. The system allows a double-level to be installed inside the body, thereby doubling the load capacity. This allows carriers to reduce the number of journeys, as they can transport double the quantity of goods in one go, whilst complying with regulations and ventilation rules in complete safety.

We recommend the use of MultiDeck-C 2.0. with a double-level for multi-temperature configurations.


MultiDeck-C 2.0.

MultiDeck-C, launched in 2013, is a patented CHEREAU system used to combine multi-temperature, multi-level and multi-format transport. Offering a maximum of flexibility for the transporter to optimise their loads, this equipment is quickly profitable considering that, on average, a semi-trailer represents 3% of the total operating cost of a refrigerated transport company and the investment in MultiDeck-C less than 0.5%. Finally, a single additional pallet on each trip, i.e. 3% of the load based on 33 pallets, is enough to make the investment profitable.

Version 2.0 brings improvements in terms of ergonomics and ease of use with new beams, new handling poles, compartments for storage and new position markers for different formats. 

Along with these improvements, MultiDeck-C 2.0 conserves its ingenious system, a network of rails allowing three levels of palettes and a beam distributor in the roof whose bulk is less than the partition. In this way, you can change from single to multiple compartments without having to remove the beams. They remain captive in the vehicle and are always available when needed.



This is CHEREAU’s brand new patented electric rear opening system, with pulsed opening in less than 10 seconds. It allows the body to be closed after each pallet, parcel or dolly, thereby protecting the goods carried and allowing for longer rounds, even during heatwaves

Its original opening, above the bodywork, allows for the installation of all the interior fittings that are essential for modern urban deliveries: partitions for multi-compartments, rear evaporators, AirShutter-C air curtain.

The SmartOpen-C is reliable, benefits from excellent insulation, requires little maintenance and complies with the Piek label for night deliveries. It has a load capacity of 33 pallets on the floor.