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PLAVAC - Light range

Code: PLAVAC Light

Livestock bodies - Light range

PLAVAC Light range livestock bodies

Description: Livestock specialized superstructures for light range chassis (gross weight 3.5 - 7.5 tons) 

PLAVAC superstructures stand out for their robustness and versatility. Optimal for livestock transport over short and medium distances, the Light range bodies comply with all the regulations in force regarding the livestock. 


Technical data: 

- Dimensions depending on the needs and characteristics of the carrying chassis 

- Designed for transporting pigs, sheep and cattle 

- Made entirely of special aluminium plates and profiles, with increased corrosion resistance 

- Side windows for natural ventilation 

- Electric fans for forced ventilation 

- Thermal insulated roof 

- Side inspection door 

- Rear loading / unloading ramp, with folding side railings 

- Interior partition gates 

- Animal watering system, with drinking water tank 

- Manure tank 

- Completely insulated electrical installation, with lighting spots for work spaces 

- Tool boxes

  • PLAVAC - Light range
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